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Turkey citizenship 250.000 dolares

Turkey citizenship 250.000 dolares

Turkey citizenship 250.000 dolares
Turkey citizenship 250.000 dolares

With the new law, the lower limit to apply for Turkish citizenship has been reduced to US $ 250,000. In Turkey, a $ 250,000 USD Real Estate, Residential receivables of foreigners, facilities for making application to Turkish citizenship was issued by the relevant regulations.

A fixed capital investment of at least USD 500.000, the interest it has realized, has been provided by the Ministry to make applications for foreign citizens to Turkish citizenship.
New Law in Turkey with 250,000 (two hundred and fifty) US Dollars house, housing, citizenship applications was published regulations regarding the possibility of real estate to foreigners, which receivables. This law includes sales for citizenship applications after the entry into force of this law. Before the application of Turkish citizenship to the foreign person’s property worth $ 250,000 before the property with the appraisal process, 3 years on the deed may be sold for a few details, such as annotation should be noted.

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