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Requirements for opening a business in Turkey

Requirements for opening a business in Turkey

Requirements for opening a business in Turkey
Requirements for opening a business in Turkey

He arms Aliens individual company in Turkey?
If a foreign citizen wants to establish a company company and in this way can open a business as a small tradesman or establish a company as a single person as a legal entity and according to the field of activity, the company determines the title and the capital of the company and may conclude the establishment of the company from the Trade Registry Office.

How to get a business license in Turkey

The necessary documents for obtaining a municipal office license
The petition (if signed by the Authority, will be stamped).
License Application Form (signed by the authorized person, if any) will be stamped.
Tax Board (Original).
The Company is an example of the Trade Registry Gazette.
The company will receive signature circular from the responsible manager. Signature of the person.
Room Registration (Chamber of Commerce or Chamber of Commerce).
Workplaces in the residential area, residents of the apartment or the notarized approvals.
Machine declaration or machine placement project on letterhead.
Rent a Car (Asli Göreselcek).
Certificate of Housing – certified by the Directorate of Housing (Occupancy Permit + Construction Permit).
Address Confirmation from Title Deed of Directorate of Survey Project.
2 photos.
According to the nature of the job, it will be requested from ISKI, Traffic and Highways.
Occupational Safety Treaty when deemed necessary.
For structures before 2004, İSKİ, BEDAŞ contract or receipt of Property Tax from the relevant municipality has been received.
License of the Applicant (name on the Tax Plate) Who is the name of İSKİ, BEDAŞ or İGDAŞ bill or contract on his behalf
Property Cleaners, Property Tax, and Ad Advertisement Tax were paid

Establishing a Company in Istanbul

Establishing a Company in Istanbul

Establishing a Company in Istanbul
Establishing a Company in Istanbul

Establishment of Real Estate Companies in Istanbul and Establishment of Limited Liability Companies.

In the case of single company Real Estate Firms or Limited Company of different sectoral firms, the company should apply with the documents requested in the Limited Company organizations which have more than one shareholder. A document is not requested.

Decision of the Council of Shareholders

1. The petition (signed by the authorized person with the stamp of the company, if signed by proxy, the original or certified copy of the proxy must be attached and the accompanying documents should be included)

2. Notarized General Assembly decision on matters subject to registration (Shareholders’ Board decision), if ready

Call procedure when all partners do not attend the meeting: General assembly is called by the directors for at least fifteen days (excluding announcement and meeting days) from meeting day. The articles of association may extend this period or shorten it to ten days. The General Assembly meeting, as indicated in the articles of association, – the company’s web site, if necessary – must be called by Turkey to the Trade Registry published in the Gazette. Shareholders shall be notified by giving the proof of the shares or share certificates to the shareholders, the meeting date and the agenda and the newspapers to which the announcement will appear or will be issued by registered mail.
Accordingly, in cases where all partners do not attend the meeting, the documents related to the registration must be added to the registration application and the documents related to the invoice with the registered register in the Trade Registry Gazette. In addition, if there are special calling procedures in the main contract, documents related to this procedure should be added.

3. The decision to appoint a trustee from a court of law for a minor who is a partner of a minor or a parent of the company

When the person who signed the decision on behalf of the legal entity has signed a personal decision on behalf of the corporate partner, the name of the legal entity must be written and the name of the signer shall be written under the name of the signatory.